Monday, May 22, 2006

Things to ponder, today.


May 21,2006- the fiftieth anniversary of one of the greatest poems of our time... HOWL; by Allen Ginsberg. Link to partial transcript

I saw the best minds of my generation, destroyed by madness...
Starving, hysterical, naked!

That has to be one of the Uber- "opening lines", of all time.


The winner of the Kentucky Derby -Barbaro- just broke his leg, in the Preakness. His chances of survival are given at 50/50.


Why would he cut down the Golden Spruce? To enrage us all. To enrage us out of the apathy, in the face of cutting down huge swaths of trees -entire forests. Why should we weep for one tree, when the world’s greatest forests are being destroyed?

(New Yorker article excerpt)
"They should see a person who is normally very respectful of life and has done a very disrespectful thing and ask why."

But this was asking too much. H***** had cut down what may have been the only tree on the continent capable of bonding loggers, natives, and environmentalists in sorrow and outrage. Meanwhile, newspaper and television reporters from across Canada were coming to the Queen Charlottes to cover the story, which also found its way into the Times and onto the Discovery Channel. "When society places so much value on one mutant tree and ignores what happens to the rest of the forest, it's not the person who points this out who should be labelled," H***** told a Prince Rupert reporter who questioned his sanity. H***** was charged with criminal mischief—damage in excess of five thousand dollars—and the illegal cutting of timber. There was no precedent for how a local judge and jury might compute the cultural damage to the Haida, the economic damage to Port Clements, or the loss to science."

Our response?: "What an asshole... pass me some of those delicious Mahogany chips and some Sequoia dip."


The city of Loserapolis (pop. 3 456 376) has just renewed the incumbent mayor's mandate with 66% of votes cast (out of 34 635 votes cast, out of an estimated 1 987 364 eligible voters) and returned him to a record 34'th term; which no one seems to find a bit odd. The city council now consists entirely of Arabian steeds (from Mayor Pieter Bagmerde’s personal stable, of course).
"The business of Loserapolis... is business."

"Where are the angel-headed hipsters of Loserapolis?"
"There are no angel-headed hipsters left in Loserapolis."
"I think that you are incorrect. I know for a fact that Willie Murphy plays down in the Viking, every Monday night."
"Go fuck yourself, hippy. Wait... how's about I round up some Motorcycle club-members, to stretch you over the gas tank of their Harleys?"
"I think that Allen might’ve fallen in love with you; but I hate your grandparents for not being able to read the instructions on the condom wrapper."
"What... did you just say about my mother?!!!"
"I didn't say a damn thing about your mother... Idiot! (a là Napoleon Dynamite)."


There were three of us, in on the treehouse. We liked to do the kinds of shit that kids in the country do to pass the time:
- Shoot at things; with slingshots, air rifles and the occasional firearm.
- Talk a lot about fishing, sports, music and girls.
- Bait, trap and torture the neighbours' pets.
- Trade candy at Halloween and steal booze from our parents' cupboards, the rest of the year.
- Shoot marbles and ride bikes.
- Vandalise the school and local churches. (Except for the Mennonite church: There was an unspoken understanding among us that those folks had their shit together and would track us down. The Catholics were too preoccupied with sodomy and drink... and the Lutherans were too boring and nice to worry about. The Mennonites were not to be fucked with, however.)
- Play road hockey.


An unspoken Civil War is raging in Palestine and the body of Canada's first female combat death has returned to the soil from which she sprang; but there's a bucketful of her, in Afghanistan. The Taliban are evil shits*. Thank you Nichola Goddard.

*If you think that I'm being unjustifiably harsh, just remember... these are the same shits who destroyed the largest Buddha statues in the world. Those statues were not just an Afghani treasure, but a legacy for your isolated childrens' uniracial grandchildren. [I'm not speaking of your hopes for gated-community, whitebread great-grandkids. I'm talking about all our great grandkids being the same shade of cafe au lait; mourning and honouring all our ancestors and rebuilding the lost cities of Teotihuacan, Babylon, Cahokia, Great Zimbabwe and Detroit.]


I was watching an episode of House, M.D. last week and was captivated by an illness symptom that the main patient exhibited, while on the MRI slab; “reverse peristalsis”. A thick brown sludge of “digested blood and feces” oozed out of her mouth while she was awaiting an MRI scan (mercifully, perhaps, she was unconscious at the time). I often make fun of people by leveling an accusation of “shitting out their mouth” at them; it is increasingly upsetting to me that the condition is common enough to have a name.


Not Utopia... Necessity.

We need to realise a post-capitalist world:
A place where everyone has the best medical care.
A world of limitless, free, ecofriendly electricity.
A world of universal, ad-free internet participation (post-adsense, post-spam, post domain-squatting, post-adware).
A world of universal “higher” education; without prejudice towards stay-at-home moms and full-time fly-fishermen.
A world where everyone is loved and respected as children and everyone finds someone to love; people do not blossom into serial killers and rapists. [There are no “perversions” when everything is accepted and nobody suffers from the need to hurt someone else, in order to feel powerful.]
A world where fuck-ups and mental disease still occur, but where real rehabilitation is possible; because everyone is possessed of empathy.
A world in which we do not need to destroy our shared history to build Walmarts, slums, mansions, slash and burn farms and shopping malls.
A world in which all children visit the four corners of the world and the moon... and pick up their garbage.
A world in which species are not extinguished by our hand; but by the hand of time, alone.
A world in which the lands are moist and fruitful; where none shall perish from starvation, save those lost to accident.
A world in which “the truth” is upheld, over the competing interests of personal reputation and religious belief.
A world in which people do not have to procreate prodigiously, as a matter of retirement planning.
A world in which hamburger is not allowed, but everyone has steak.
A world in which anyone can drink all day and smoke as much tobacco and weed as they can manage; with only a tiny chance of cirrhosis, cancer or emphysema. [Nobody drives drunk. Nobody goes to jail for drug-smuggling and nobody makes money from weed. [Nobody uses crack, mouthwash, spraypaint, Sterno or crystal-meth, because everyone has access to the good stuff.]]
Nobody gets Malaria, anymore and genital warts have almost disappeared. The last HIV-infected people live long and die well.
Everyone dies well except for natural disaster and accident victims... and there are few of those.
A world in which glaciers, permafrost and Antarctica can chill out and remain happy.
Everyone is required to spend three years in public decision-making; but no more than 10.
Everyone has a garden.
Everyone has a defibrillator and an excellent set of cooking pots.
Everyone has or shares: a boat, or an RV, or a cabin.

PS: This year marks the 250'th anniversary of Mozart's birth.


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