Monday, June 12, 2006

Few things that suck today

stickmen reason butcher cartoon

Scratch and sniff cartoon for link to IN These article, about eye - eating fungus being promoted by US house of Rep.s for combatting coca plant.

Yeah; spraying it all over South and Central America.
Give 'em an extra reason to emigrate North... dumbasses.

On April 16, the New York Times ran a full-page ad from contact lens producer Bausch and Lomb, announcing the recall of its 'ReNu with MoistureLoc' rewetting solution, and warning the 30 million American wearers of soft contact lenses about Fusarium keratitis. This infection, first detected in Asia, has rapidly spread across the United States. It is caused by a mold-like fungus that can penetrate the cornea of soft contact lens wearers, causing redness and pain that can lead to blindness—requiring a corneal replacement.

That same week, the House of Representatives passed a provision to a bill requiring that the very same fungus be sprayed in "a major drug-producing country," such as Colombia. The bill’s sponsor was Rep. Mark Souder (R-Ind.) and its most vocal supporter was his colleague Dan Burton (R-Ind.), who has been promoting the fungus for almost a decade as key to winning the drug war.

Another thing that is really sucking right now: Soccer
Soccer blows. Every time I see some punk sprawled on the grass, clutching his shin or his knee, I'm thinking:
If you are down on the ice or the three-yard line doing that shit, that fuckin' leg better be broken or your own teammates are liable to kick the shit outta you, so...
get the fuck up and don't do that again.

And what's with the rending of hair and gnashing of teeth?
Soccer blows, find out why, here.

OK; today's non-suckage:

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