Saturday, June 10, 2006

Last week really sucked... Next week not looking so rosy.

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June 2, 2006:

We had a bunch of nominees for shitbag of the week; one pretty much took the cake, but the competition was strong:

#1- The German woman, who admitted to killing and disposing of eight babies over a ten+ year period, because her husband didn’t want her to have any more kids. I guess that he needs to share the honour, because he claims that he never noticed the EIGHT PREGNANCIES.
The court heard that Hilschenz told police that when she was pregnant for the fourth time, she gave birth to the baby in a toilet and the baby allegedly drowned.

She said she could not remember what happened with her other pregnancies because she had drunk large quantities of alcohol each time she went into labour, and did not know if the babies had been born dead or alive.

Tubal Ligation, anyone? The Pill? Anal sex? Condoms? Suicide?

Perhaps she was a born-again christian and didn't believe in contraception, non-procreative intercourse and abortion; so -necessarily- had to see the full terms out.

2- The Polish Catholic church: which has silenced an investigation, by one of their
priests, into communist-era "spying" / "denunciations" by catholic priests, to the secret police (Presumably of their own "flocks").

3- The US military; for the inevitable "massacres", "unjustified murders", "lapses in judgment" and "moral failures" that are beginning to pop up like chickens coming to roost.

Impeach Bush; return Geronimo's skull.

Other crap:

17 Miners dead in Turkish coal mine methane explosion. Turkish coal known for its high methane content.

Paul Martin introduces private member's bill; requiring the current federal government to fulfill the obligations of the Kelowna Aboriginal Accord between federal, provincial and First Nations’ leaders. Tories say "What accord?"

Not all news sucked last week:

Canadian Andrew Brash saved Lincoln Hall, just a few hundred metres from the peak of Mt. Everest. He's a teacher and his students in calgary? are preparing to welcome him home as a hero; because he gave up his life's ambition, within spitting distance of the goal, to save another human.

Hall... was sitting cross-legged, changing his shirt. "He had his down suit unzipped to the waist, his arms out of the sleeves, wearing no hat, no gloves, no sunglasses, no oxygen mask, regulator, ice axe, oxygen, no sleeping bag, no mattress, no food and no water.

An Ontario high school student has developed a particle board made from corn stalks, that is lighter, stronger and absorbs les water than wood-based particle board. Maybe we can say goodbye to clearcuts and start working on a hardy, northern-loving, fibrous corn hybrid to fuel our board plants.

I wonder if hemp stalk would create a comparable -or superior- product? It would probably be easier to grow up here.


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